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Linda Coles



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Taylor wakes frightened and alone in an unfamiliar hotel room with no idea how she got there. On the desk nearby is a note of warning: “Tell no one”.

During a chance conversation, DS Amanda Lacey learns of the incident and discovers the traumatised woman is only the latest victim in a long string of disturbing and highly unusual thefts.

Amanda and partner DC Jack Rutherford venture deep into the underbelly of the dark web in search of answers. It soon becomes apparent one of them will have to go undercover – alone.

When an unexpected event sends their sting operation spiralling out of control, their only chance at catching the culprits lies with a local reporter…and a scandal that could ruin them all.

Dark Service is the third brilliant and captivating novel featuring DC Jack Rutherford and DS Amanda Lacey by master storyteller Linda Coles. “Move over Agatha Christie, there’s a new dame in town.” Amazon reviewer.

The complete Jack Rutherford and Amanda Lacey series:

Hot to Kill

The Hunted

Dark Service

One Last Hit

Hey You, Pretty Face

Scream Blue Murder

Butcher Baker Banker



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