Do I have to read the books in order from the beginning?

No. Each story works well on its own but ideally, you’d read them in order so you don’t get any spoilers by jumping ahead. That said, sometimes you pick up the latest novel because it’s, well, the latest and greatest. When you’ve read and enjoyed it, then consider starting back at the beginning or go a couple of years back depending on what year you are reading this.

Can I get a copy in my local bookstore?

Yes, though you’ll more than likely have to get them to order it in for you. Tell them it’s in the Ingram Spark catalogue, they’ll know what you mean.

With Dark Service is it technical?

You don’t need to understand how the dark web works to understand this intriguing story. In fact, you’ll learn about it as you move through the plot. Enlightening all round, I’d say, both the dark web and the fetishes!

Will there be audio versions available?

Yes. Tin Men, Walk Like You  and The Silent Ones are all available from Amazon and many of the other places you buy audiobooks from.

Can I buy a signed copy from you?

Unfortunately, I don’t stock books myself but I’m happy to sign your copy at events or if you see me some place. Stop me and ask.

Who are the books suitable for?

Any age over 18 I’d say. I use minimal mild swearing, since some characters do use a handful of naughty words, it’s part of who they are - usually only the scumbags. Most of my readers are 50+ so a wide age range of audience across the globe. If you like James Patterson, Adam Croft or Rachel Abbott to name a few, you’ll enjoy me, Linda Coles too.

Why are they set in the UK and not the US?

I was born and bred in the UK, it’s what I know best together with my now home of New Zealand. I’ve travelled extensively so expect to find stories from cities all over the world coming up, including the US.

How can I leave a review for you?

Amazon is the best place to do so if you are able since they sell the most books in the world. And you’d make this author very happy if you did write a few words on what you thought. Here’s the link to my author page on either Amazon UK or Amazon US.