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Hi, I'm Linda Coles and I write British crime novels.  #GreatBritishCrime. #BritishCrimeDrama

An English woman myself, I now reside in New Zealand with my husband, 2 cats and 8 wonderful goats. Google Earth and two UK based editors ensure I keep my stories and language, accurate. I’m the author of 20+ books including four non-fiction and two of a very different genre published under a pen name.

I currently have three different series published:

Amateur sleuth, mini-cab driver and part-time grave digger Will Peters, set in Northampton.

Detectives Jack Rutherford and Amanda Lacey set in Croydon, south London.

Private investigator Chrissy Livingstone set in the upmarket areas of Surrey.

There’s something for everyone!

A #1 Amazon bestselling author, I’ve been writing since 2011

My claims to fame include having a cuddle with Lee Child, sharing a New York cab with Heather Graham, and interviewing Karen Slaughter as a podcast guest. I was also Elton John's neighbour very briefly too. (I was a small child at the time).

Where There's a Will is the first in my latest trilogy and sees the wonderful Will Peters insert himself into the investigation of a young homeless man found dead in the woods. There’s a message written on his chest: Your Move. With the help of some of his elderly mini-cab customers, the unlikely group endeavor to solve the case, any way they can. With a serious message, it’s also often amusing. Think Man on the Street and Thursday Murder Club rolled into one. I know you’ll enjoy it.

You can find out more of my work at all the usual social channels.

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